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New Post 5/27/2008 8:50 AM
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3d pdf models 

can you limit the rotation of the 3D model within a pdf?



New Post 6/21/2008 5:36 PM
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Re: 3d pdf models 
Modified By anonymous  on 1/13/2009 11:04:38 PM)

Hi Dan,

You can download the sample 3D PDF files here:


In the zip folder their are 3 javascript files that you can load into your pdf file that you want to constrain the orbit of the 3D Model in. Don't load both the ConstrainCamera.js and CameraRotate.js javascripts because they both won't work together. Tryout both javascripts independently to see which one you like better.

To load one of these javascript files into a pdf file you have to first know how to embed a 3D Model into the PDF. I assume you already know how to do that so just open up the PDF and right click on the 3D Model and select run a javascript. Now browse to one of those javascript files I provided you and choose open.

*The ConstrainCamera.js javascript limits the view of the 3D Model's orbit from going below the ground.

*The CameraRotate.js javascript makes it seem very heavy when rotating the 3D Model.

*The AnimationController.js javascript can be used for setting up a series of controls to animate the 3D Model embedded in the PDF. Say you want the view to start at the Front Entrance and then you want to view the inside lobby, you would then have to insert a button and attach the AnimationController.js javascript to the button.

Anthony Sansone, President
Graphicsphere.Net - 3D Modeling
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  Forum  Discussion Grou...  Adobe After Eff...  3d pdf models

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